Project Lead the way

Wilson School District is a certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) school. Project Lead the Way is a national program designed to encourage and prepare students for the fields of engineering and technology. Through this curriculum, students are exposed to a rigorous, hands-on learning experience. Students learn theory which allows them to solve technological problems in an innovative way. Students learn to use the design process to develop new and innovated ways to solve challenges; and students develop prototypes to learn materials processes and test their designs.

Our goals

Technology & Engineering

Students within our courses not only learn content, but they also get to put it to use. Students will work to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Cutting Edge

Students work with cutting edge technology and receive instruction from teachers who are constantly pushing the limits of creativity, and innovation.


Many of our courses carry honors weight to reward students who seek out, and look to conquer challenging problems.

Technology innovation

Wilson offers an array of courses specifically focused in providing students the opportunity to attain Adobe Certifications. These courses focus on the areas of digital photo and video manipulation, and heavily use the Adobe Master Collection. Students work to produce anything from music videos to websites, and upon completion of a course have the ability to prove their skills by attaining an Adobe Certification within their area of focus. There are currently 5 courses offered within the Technology Innovation program.

Competitive opportunities

Tech. student assoc.

Where: Regional (Quakertown, PA)
When: 2/8/2014
Where: State (Champion, PA)
When: 4/9-4/12/2014
Where: National (Washington D.C.)
When: 6/27-7/1/2014

VEX robotics

Where: State (Champion, PA)
When: 4/9-4/12/2014